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JP.cars connects international markets with ‘state of the art’ technology. Our work fundamentally entails determining reliable market values/residual values, future market values/residual values and the current market values of used cars. Our ambition is to become the primary data terminal for lease companies, financial institutions and car companies worldwide.

Our usp's



(Impact) analyses based on a client-specific protocol.



We are an independent supplier of market information.



We have a market-leading team of econometricians, data and computer scientists and software engineers.

The impact

  • Improved returns:

    Demonstrably from 20% to 60%

  • Time savings:

    Eliminate up to 80% of manual actions

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Mobility Centre Strengthens Used Cars Practices with JP.cars

With three branches and a studio in the heart of the city, Mobility Centre is the leading Volvo dealership in the greater Rotterdam area. In addition to supplying new models, the sales of used cars are increasingly important for Mobility Centre, which is why they have partnered with JP.cars for assistance.

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Auto Hoogenboom: “JP.cars provides a wealth of information”

Auto Hoogenboom is a household name in Rotterdam. Originating from this port city, the company – a subsidiary of Pon – has grown into a dynamic enterprise with approximately 400 employees.

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Belgian Startup Chooses JP.cars for Reliable Data

D’Ieteren is a well-known name in the Belgian market and buyer for the Volkswagen Group. With their startup My Way, they target the used car business segment. These ambitious entrepreneurs are cleverly capitalizing on the changing landscape of the automotive market. To accelerate their growth, they’ve opted for JP.cars.

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